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What is DevOps?

DevOps is the union of people, process, and technology to continually provide value to customers. DevOps breaks down the traditional silos to bring products to customers better and faster.

Why DevOps?

Increased developer productivity

Reduce cycle time

Faster time to market

Improved system stability and reliability

The DevOps Lifecycle


Teams define and describe their work using product backlogs, Kanban boards, and dashboards. Making work visible is a key element and measuring lead time and cycle time can provide great insights into the velocity of work.


The process of deploying to production. High-value results are driven by automating this process which makes it scalable, repeatable, and efficient. Lead times are greatly reduced and time to market improves.


Code is developed, along with all the testing and reviews that take place. Using automation and DevOps platforms, innovation can happen with both speed and quality. Continuous integration and automated testing are essential to the process.


Systems are actively monitored for issues, performance, and improvement opportunities. Teams seek to identify and troubleshoot issues before they happen and mitigate quickly. Rich alerting mechanisms are in place to ensure response times remain low. Improvements are cycled back into the product backlog for prioritization and execution.

Your DevOps Jouney

There are a lot of elements that go into a full DevOps ecosystem, and it can be overwhelming. No matter where you are in your DevOps journey, we’re here to help.

What is VSM?

Value Stream Management is the next generation of DevOps. It is a way of working that seeks to organize, map, measure, manage, improve, govern, and accelerate the flow of measurable value to the customer.
While delivering value has always been at the heart of the DevOps movement, VSM allows organizations to center around the products and services they offer and ultimately the value they deliver to their customers.

Why VSM?

Measure and visualize flow from idea to production

Gain insights into how to accelerate flow

Collaborate on the end-to-end product / service lifecycle

Satisfy customer demand for value outcomes at optimal speed

The VSM Roadmap


Set the vision and goals of what you want to accomplish.


Identify the value streams in your environment. A value stream delivers a product or service and always has a customer at the end.


Organize the people responsible for every step in the value stream. If your organization is functionally siloed, there are very good chances this will span many different areas.


Map the end-to-end process from idea to production. Determine touch time and wait time to understand total cycle time. This mapping exercise is critical to understanding the current state of value flow.


Connect your value streams to your DevOps and VSM platforms to produce real, measurable insights on flow velocity, time, efficiency, load, and distribution.

Inspect and Adapt

Using the data and learnings from the value stream maps, work to continually optimize the flow of value to your customers.









Your VSM Jouney

Think about the area you lead or work in. What are the products/services it provides? Who are its customers? What value do your customers receive from those products/services? How long does it take for value to be delivered? Where are the bottlenecks?
If you have a hard time answering these questions, we’re here to help. We help organizations understand VSM as it relates to their industry and help implement it properly.


Azure DevOps

Utilize the end-to-end suite of Azure DevOps to plan work, collaborate on code, manage testing, and ship faster.

DevOps Assessment and Roadmap

Our most comprehensive offering where we’ll analyze and assess every aspect of the DevOps lifecycle and beyond and set you on the course for continued success in the future.

Azure DevOps and GitHub Implementation/Migration

Implementation and migration services of Azure DevOps or GitHub. Whether migrating from an existing system or installing greenfield, we’ll ensure you’re setup for success.

Automation Development

We offer solutions to automate every part of the DevOps lifecycle, including the management of the DevOps platform itself. This includes workflow automation, CI/CD, automated testing, platform management, and more.


Designed for productivity, collaboration, and security, GitHub is the #1 developer platform in the world. Leverage top features in the industry to empower your team and transform your business.

Analytics and Reporting

Using Power BI and built-in analytics, we’ll provide rich data and insights into your entire DevOps lifecycle.

DevOps Training

If there is a specific area you are looking for assistance with, we offer targeted training to help get you up to speed. Common areas include Agile/Scrum, Git version control, testing, CI/CD, and monitoring/alerting.

Value Stream Management

Planview Tasktop Viz

Industry leading VSM platform that connects your software development processes to true business value. Measure end-to-end value delivery with flow metrics, modeling, and analytics.

VSM Assessment and Roadmap

Organizations are seeing the value of VSM and trying to figure out what it means for their business. We’ll assess where you’re at in the VSM process and provide a strategic roadmap to get you to full implementation. Not sure what your value streams are or where to start? This is for you.

VSM Implementation

Using the best practices of the VSM implementation roadmap, one of our value stream architects walks you through the plan and assists with identifying, mapping, connecting, and improving your value streams.

Planview Tasktop Viz Implementation

Implement Planview Tasktop Viz to bring connectivity and instrumentation to your value streams.



Cross-platform task automation and configuration solution.

Power Automate

Low-code, no-code automation solution with hundreds of built-in integrations to create business workflows. Additionally, brings Robotics Process Automation (RPA) software.


Open-source infrastructure as code solution that automates the deployment and management of infrastructure and platforms.

Workflow Automation Development

Let us automate your manual, repetitive tasks so you can free up time for more value-driving work. Whether with PowerShell or Power Automate, we can help automate just about any business process.

Integration Development

Integrate applications and platforms with our custom integration solutions. Using PowerShell or Power Automate, we build integrations for efficiency, durability, scale, and performance.

Infrastructure as Code Development

We develop IaC solutions designed for your infrastructure, your platform.

Our Process

We believe that being tactical and strategic in the solutions we offer is the only way for you to get the most value out of your investment.
Let’s Meet

Let’s Meet

We sit down with you and your team to discover and assess how you operate today as it relates to People, Process, and Technology.
Where are you now?

Where are you now?

Taking all the information gathered during the discovery and assessment workshops, we’ll define, draft, and validate the current state.
Where do you want to be?

Where do you want to be?

We partner together to formulate the future state vision based on industry best practices and organizational goals and priorities. Additionally, we’ll outline the gaps that exist between the current state and desired future state.
Let’s Plan

Let’s Plan

Using the information gathered throughout the process, we’ll create a strategic plan to get you to your future state. Together we’ll prioritize the work with an emphasis on value-driving outcomes.
Let’s Go

Let’s Go

To make the plan a reality, our team comes along side you to develop and implement the desired solutions.

Mank Solutions

Mank Solutions is a family-owned business founded in 2017 to help organizations achieve the mission of DevOps; to deliver value.

Core values:

Colossians 3:17

We do our work for the Lord.


We strive for the highest quality service and solutions.


We value trust, honesty, and integrity. It is the foundation of all we do.


We strive to serve our customers and our community.

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